Wells Cathedral

Access Information for Wells Cathedral

Please note that this is an overview, not a full access statement.

https://www.wellscathedral.org.uk/visit/accessibility/ is the Cathedral information for visitors.

https://www.wellscathedral.org.uk/ is the main website for Wells Cathedral.

The Cathedral’s address is

Cathedral Green, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2UE


General Enquiries: 01749 674483 or email administrator@wellscathedral.uk.net

There is a map showing the main roads, location of the Cathedral, main car parks, and some local restaurants, at http://www.wellssomerset.com/docs/accomm_and_rest_wells_map_june_17_1002.pdf

There are photos and videos of the Cathedral available at this link

Wheelchair Access


Accessible toilet


Hearing Loop


Large Print Books


Braille Hymn Books


The front of the Cathedral. The visitor entrance is to the right.

This is the visitor reception area where people can make a donation, if they wish, and get information.

There are toilets in the visitor centre area, past the visitor reception desk.

This is a typical area in the toilet block. Showing a sink

This is a hand washing/drying machine in the toilet block. It shines a blue light, and the dryer is fairly loud.

This is the more-accessible toilet. There is a fairly noisy hand drier. There is fluorescent lighting.

Returning to the route to the Cathedral, there are automatic doors to walk through, which may be noisy. Visitors will turn left after the doors to reach the Cathedral itself.

This is the view to the Cathedral entrance. There is a ramp, and steps. The ramp has a level part, half way along.

At the top of the ramp, there is a glass automatic door

You are entering the Cathedral. There may be people to welcome you ahead who can tell you where the services and areas are.

This is the Cathedral. Ahead is the separate area called the Quire. There are hearing loops. There are some large print books, and some Braille materials are available.

The front seating in the main part of the Cathedral will be where people meet for packed lunch and for the question and answer session.

This is one of the side walkways within the Cathedral, also leading to the Quire area, and to other Chapels and areas such as the library and the Chapter House.

This is the ramped entrance to the Quire area.

The Quire area.

The Quire area looking back towards the organ and the main Cathedral seating area

One of the quiet outdoor spaces

One of the garden/courtyard areas which are normally peaceful spaces for those in need of a quieter space.

From near the visitor reception area, there are stairs and a lift to the café.

The lift to the café is a platform lift that needs someone to be able to press and hold down a button until it reaches the required floor.

The G button will take the lift to the ground floor. The 1 button will take the lift to the first floor where the café is. The red knob is the emergency stop. If someone stops the lift by pressing it in an emergency, you can release the lift again by turning the knob, then continuing to press G or 1.

This is the café. There are wooden floors, some natural light from windows, but also fluorescent lighting. This space tends to echo with a lot of noise from the café equipment.

With thanks to Ann Memmott, national autism advisor, for this report