St John the Baptist - Bridgwater

Accessibility at St John's

We know everyone is unique, each with our own gifts and challenges.
As Christians we would also add we are all made in the image of God.

We hope the following page will give you some idea how accessible or not the building of St John's is. When it comes to enabling people to join in with what's happening at St John's we try and go beyond the generic and see each person as an individual. If you feel there is something we can do to assist you, please let us know via a way that work's for you. Our Vicar is Revd Lis Sparrow and can be contacted by phone on 01278 422540 or via email

Accessing St John's Church Building

St John's Church building was opened in 1846. It was built by Mr Capes, a member of the Oxford Movement and is a grade 2* listed building. You can find out about the church's history by pressing here

We are doing our best to make the building as accessible as possible but due to the building's age and status combined with our limited resources not everything is ideal. We are always open to suggestions to how we can improved.

Outside of St John's showing the road and a flagged stone path up to the entrance

Car Parking

St John's has no car parking of it's own. There is time limited on-street parking in Church Street and other car parks near by.

If you have a blue badge you can park on the road outside the church. If you are coming for a funeral or wedding please park at least two car lengths to the right of the entrance. This will allow the official cars to park.

The church entrance showing the portable ramp and two wide stone steps

Access to the Church

The access to the church is up a flag stoned path and then up some steps.

We have a portable ramp which is put out for all services and events. If you use a manual wheelchair please be aware that the ramp is steep. If you require assistance someone is usually around to help.

The downstairs toilet, with basin and a portable frame around the toilet


We have one toilet downstairs which includes a baby changing table and one upstairs. Both toilets are gender-neutral. Due to the size of the room, unfortunately, the toilets are unlikely to accommodate a person you who uses a wheelchair. The toilet is also at a standard not at a raised height.

The toilet has a noisy hand drier but you would be the only one who operates it.

The Lady Chapel with the chairs in a circle for the mid week communion service

Lady Chapel / Back of Church

Some services and events occur at the back of church. Furniture can arrange to suit. The heaters do make a slight hum. The light are LED.

When there is a service in the main part of the church, this area can be used if you want a bit of space. You can still see and be part of the worship if you want to be. There is also a room upstairs usually available, if you want some quiet space away from everyone else.

The main part the church showing the aisle with pew on both sides. The altar cam be seen in the distance

Nave / Main part of the church

There are full length fixed pews / seats (one way in) and one central aisle / walkway.

If you are a wheelchair user, you are able to sit just in front of the first pew or at the back behind the last pew. Depending on the service (not at funerals and weddings) and the number of people expected to attend you may also be able to sit in the aisle.

The heaters are overhead and emit a red glow. You may want to try different seats to work out the best position is for you depending on how warm you like to get. The church spotlights are all LED.

Enabling Everyone to Worship

The logo for hearing loop, an ear with a line diagonally through and the letter T in the corner

Hearing Loop

There is a hearing loop which works throughout St John's, please turn your hearing aid to the T switch. We encourage all speakers and readers to use the microphones.

The capital letter A in three different sizes. A magnifying glass over one of the letters. All letters in san serif font.

Written Word

Large print service books and hymn books are available, please ask. (Sorry, no Braille)

All in-house publications have text in a san-serif font.

If words are projected onto a screen, a printed version is also usually available

Stick people, one in a wheelchair, one sitting down, one standing up and one walking

Stand Up, Sit Down, Turn Around!

During a service you may be asked to stand up, sit down, move around. This is only a suggestion / for guidance. Please do whatever is comfortable for you and that are able to do. Don’t worry that other people are doing something different, nobody minds at St John's.

At a Communion Service, please kneel or stand at the communion rail. If you would like communion brought to where you are sitting please let someone know and we will gladly bring it you.

All are Welcome at The Lord’s Table.

If it is your custom to receive the bread and wine in your own church, then you are welcome to do so here. It is acceptable to receive only the bread or only the wine.

If you would prefer a blessing, please either bring up a service booklet or keep your hands by your side.

You may wish to remain in your seat, which is also fine.


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